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G7 Hiroshima Summit
Session 7
Common Endeavor for a Resilient and Sustainable Planet

On May 20th, the G7 Hiroshima Summit Session 7 “Common Endeavor for a Resilient and Sustainable Planet” was held from 6:45pm for 100 minutes. The G7 leaders along with the leaders of 8 invited countries and 7 invited international organizations discussed the issues of climate, energy and enrvironment, among others. The overview of the session is as follows:

  1. Prime Minister Kishida touched upon the importance of discussing the increasingly serious global issues of climate change, energy and environment in an integrated manner.
  2. Regarding climate change and energy, the participating countries and international organizations confirmed that it is necessary to holistically tackle the challenges such as climate change, biodiversity, pollution and others, and that it is also necessary for the G7, Pacific Island Countries, Africa and other regions and countries to work together as the response to “climate crisis” is an urgent task for all over the world. They shared the importance of pursuing the common goal of net zero in various pathways that maximally introduce utilizing renewable energy and energy-saving technologies in accordance with each country’s situation in order not to hinder economic growth, with the understanding of energy security, climate crisis and geopolitical risks in an integrated manner. They also shared the necessity of enhancing supply chain resilience of clean energy devices and critical minerals vital for clean energy transition. They further concurred that the assistance that leaves no countries or people vulnerable to climate change by mobilizing climate finance.
  3. Regarding environment, the participating countries and organizations reaffirmed that they will strengthen coorperation for advancing concrete efforts on addressing plastic pollution, protecting biodiversity, protectiong forests, and addressing marine pollution.
  4. In conclusion, Prime Minister Kishida expressed his intention to lead the discussion today to further actions on various occasions such as COP 28, based on the shared recognition above.

* 8 invited countries and 7 organizations are Australia, Brazil, Comoros (African Union Chair), Cook Island (Pacific Forum Chair), India (G20 Presidency), Indonesia (ASEAN Chair), Republic of Korea, Vietnam, United Nations, International Energy Agency (IEA), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), World Bank, World Health Organization (WHO), and World Trade Organization (WTO).

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